Friday, June 5, 2020

Coronavirus and Nutrition, to Strengthen the Immune System, the Advice of the Endocrinologist Spera

In this historical phase of Italy, uncertainty and insecurity are invading the lifestyle of millions of people. The individual and collective concerns come from COVID-19, where "CO" stands for corona, "VI" for virus, "D" for disease and "19" indicates the year in which the virus occurred which each day is the absolute protagonist of the news. What exactly are coronaviruses? Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of respiratory viruses that can cause mild to moderate diseases, from the common cold to respiratory syndromes such as MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

Scientists appear divided on the extent of the virus, but in fact there is no vaccine against Coronavirus to date. One thing is certain: better to be found in good health with an effective and strong immune system. Can we do something through daily nutrition and some precautions at the table? To this and other questions answered prof. Giovanni Spera, Endocrinologist and Full Professor of Internal Medicine of La Sapienza in Rome.

“Let's go in order: we are facing an epidemic of the flu type, but which raises obvious additional concerns related to its slightly more mysterious characteristics. As with all viral infections, there is no pharmacological cure except the possibility of prevention by vaccine which is not yet available for this new virus. It is also evident that this, like all viruses, is aggressive in a different way towards individual individuals or different categories of individuals, especially on the basis of age and general health conditions. This is probably related to the immune system's reaction and defense capacity. Today there is much evidence that the intestinal microbiota's health is better,

How do we improve the responsiveness of our immune system? Does science give us any indication of our eating habits?
“The scientific world has now taken note of the irrefutable correlation between the effectiveness of the immune response and the state of health of the so-called intestinal microbiota. It is an assembly of billions and billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that colonize the intestinal mucosa of each individual, positively or negatively conditioning, now it is well-known, not only the digestive function, but many other functions including metabolic and even intellectual . Ketogenic diets, those that have extremely reduced carbohydrate intake in common, are real therapeutic tools that find application in specific pathologies and in various areas. Managed carefully by competent specialists, they make a decisive contribution to the treatment of Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Epilepsy, of Migraine, but also as adjuvants in the treatment of neuro degenerative and oncological diseases. In all cases, however, the use of protocols based on ketogenic diets has demonstrated a clear reduction in the generalized inflammatory state common to all the pathologies mentioned and above all a real reset of the intestinal microbiota, which by virtue of the new balance between the bacterial populations, contributes to the achievement of individual therapeutic goals ".

So is it true that we can defend ourselves against Coronavirus with diet?
“It is neither proven nor proven, but it is plausible that at least indirectly it is possible. I clarify better! Nutritionists know and tell us that to improve the intestinal microbiota and consequently its balance we must eliminate the abuse of foods that 'inflame' the body, such as the excess of carbohydrates and simple sugars often able to create the so-called ' intestinal dysbiosis. It is certainly plausible that if we eat healthy, with little salt, with selected protein sources (fish, legumes) with a good supply of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids such as those of dried fruit, fish and olive oil, as well as with abundant use of vegetables rich in trace elements and especially fiber, we optimize the composition and function of our intestinal microbiota and consequently its ability to implement the defensive effectiveness of the immune system against all external pathogens. So also against Coronavirus, why not? ".

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2019 Sale & Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale Kicks Off: Here Are All the Best Offers So Far

The Amazon Great Indian Festival 2019 sale has now entered its second day. Amazon India's big festive season sale will go on until October 4 to take on Flipkart's Big Billion Days 2019 sale. The six-day sale brings discounts and offers a large selection of smartphones, laptops, Amazon devices, TVs, and other tech products. Amazon has tied up with the State Bank of India to offer a 10 percent instant discount to the bank's credit and debit card users during the Great Indian Festival sale.

The Great Indian Festival 2019 sale brings hundreds of deals on popular products. We've scanned through a large chunk of these deals to bring you a selection of offers. Remember, all these offers from the Great Indian Festival sale are currently open only for Amazon's Prime members.

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2019 sale - Best offers on mobile phones

Apple's popular iPhone XR was briefly available at its lowest price ever during Amazon's Great Indian Festival sale. The 64GB variant of the iPhone XR was selling at Rs. 39,999 (MRP Rs. 49,900) and is now available at Rs. 42,999 which is still a decent price if you consider all the bundled offers. The phone had received a price cut in India recently, after the launch of the iPhone 11 series. You can get a better overall deal if you pay using a State Bank of India credit or debit card to receive a 10 percent instant discount.

Unless you had been living under a rock the past few months, you would have probably seen or heard the slow trickle of leaks of the OnePlus TV, the company’s first foray into the smart television space, leading up to its official launch which finally happened a few days ago, and the two QLED TVs from OnePlus are now on sale with certain offers during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. These don’t come cheap though, with the OnePlus TV 55 Q1 priced at Rs 69,900 and the OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Pro sporting a sticker price of Rs 99,900. That calls for some serious investment for a TV that is essentially a first generation device from a company that is making TVs for the first time. Nevertheless, if you still insist, here are all the offers that you can avail to get discounts on the OnePlus TV.

If you are paying with an SBI credit or debit card, you can avail a discount of Rs 2,000 on the OnePlus TV. This means the price of the OnePlus TV 55 Q1 becomes Rs 67,900 while the OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Pro will cost Rs 97,900. If you are paying via an Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card, this will offer a meagre discount of Rs 1,000 on the sale price. The saving grace is perhaps the Rs 5,000 cashback as Amazon Pay Balance if purchased through any prepaid methods. And, you will be able to get a free Amazon Echo Dot with both variants of the OnePlus TV, for the time being. And if you have an older TV to exchange, that will get you a maximum of Rs 3,930 depending on the screen size, age and brand of the TV.

Some of the features that the OnePlus TV line-up packs in include Super Resolution, Contrast enhancement and support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies. OnePlus is quite confident about the prowess of the display panel. “In a gamma color comparison test, we went out in the market, selected few of our closest competitors in the high end QLED TV space and found out that our color range is 13.1% higher than that of our closest competitor. And almost 30% higher than the next player in line,” says OnePlus. The OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Pro also has an integrated soundbar-esque speaker system which has 8 speakers—two facing backwards and six facing towards the front, for wider sound and bass as well. The total sound output is rated at 50-watts. In fact, this soundbar slides down from behind the panel when you switch on the TV.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Best Women Shoes - Buy Top Shoes for Women online in India

If you haven't selected the shoes that you will wear for your trekking, then it's the best time to think of one. Therefore, you always have the shoe which you have been searching for. High-heeled women's black shoes are among the most popular shoe options on the market now. You can Read more about the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale here.
Talk about fashion and you'll have to speak about shoes. Now you have washed your shoes effectively, it's important that you dry them out. For that, it's necessary for you to set the shoes in a place that receives lots of sunlight and air. Also, you'll get shoes for men, women and kids at the very same spot.
Besides the outdoor purposes, an individual can receive the shoes even for indoor purposes. When you pick up the suitable shoe, you just need to click some times, and you'll get your shoe within a couple of days. Although there are a few incredible shoes for men, you will be delighted by seeing the awesome selection of women's shoes. You can buy products during this Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale here.
When you have a Merrell shoe, you'd like to be sure it stays unblemished. Thus, take a look at these lines to see what you should do in order to take advantage of the Merrell shoes. The ideal thing about Merrell shoes is they're available throughout several online outlets. They are one of the leading brands in the industry. They are certainly one the best quality shoes available in the market today. They also put in the latest technology in the shoe making process and give you the best and most comfortable pair of shoes that you can ever ask for. If you are in need of a shoe that is particular to a specific activity Merrell shoes have a varied range of footwear specifically intended for walking and hiking.
While drying, you should attempt to open up the shoes as much as you are able to. If that's the case, Dr Marten shoes are going to be your selection. Thus, when you get right down to it, high heels might be the very best medicine your money can purchase. A branded shoe is famous for its quality and endurance. Nike running shoes have gotten popular as it is the favored exercise program being followed by the majority of people. The ideal shoes will need to cater to the wearer's individual needs so it's most effective to identify just what you're searching for in an active outdoor style. When you purchase a Lelli Kelly shoe, there are many factors that you obtain from it.
Shoes shouldn't be chosen lightly! They are very important not only because of style, but in terms of comfort as well. If you need a shoe that does not only fits, but might take you where you wish to go, then you ought to explore your options for Merrill footwear. Now, individuals are thinking about getting stylish and exclusive shoes to produce others say a few words in appreciation. A terrific high-heeled shoe can occasionally help the typical women to feel taller and a bit more beautiful in her favourite skirt or dress. There are plenty of shoes out there in the industry.
There are plenty of varieties from which you are able to purchase your boots. For that, you should set the boot in an area that receives a great deal of sunlight and air. For that, you've got to wash the boots. Should you want it is also possible to get the brasher Danso boot.
Look at many diverse stores so you may compare styles and prices. You don't need to sacrifice style for warmth. Various styles, designs, colours, and textures are among the things which they check first when buying shoes.
In fact, the variety of Merrell shoes is more attractive for ladies, as the designs aren't only comfortable but innovative too. There is an enormous selection of availability so far as the Womens Shoes UK is concerned. In addition, there are various price ranges for the various shoes together with the difference in styles, size and designs.
One of the best things with the Dr. Marten shoes is they use simply the best things to make each and every boot. Now there are tons of reasons to enjoy when it has to do with shoes. So there's absolutely no need to wear individual shoes for rainy seasons.
Women are well-known for their extensive shoe collection. As it is clear that women arrive with longer toe and thinner foot ball in comparison with men, it's essential for them to find something exclusively tailored for them. 1 thing every woman would like to be in a position to do is stay fashionable whilst staying warm. There are types of women's black shoes on the marketplace.